Bookend the day with God

My aunt Phyllis has been battling cancer for years.  She has suffered through countless drugs and treatments and side effects and yet continues to have a bright spirit and right perspective on life.  She emailed me the other day and relayed she is on a new medication to fight active cancer cells again.  Hope prevails as she declared to me. ” I start my day singing, ‘This is the Day,’ and end my day singing, ‘To God be the Glory.'”

I have been reflecting on her words and I find myself encouraged and challenged to do the same.
God gives me each day as a gift; He made it.  He knows all that is in it. Nothing happens to me that he already doesn’t know about – He is never surprised.  “This is the Day,” calls me to rejoice in the hours and minutes that God has given me.  I can do that by trusting all things to the Father who created me and all that is around me.  I can do that by seeking out the sparkles He places in my day; Gladness will surely follow as I focus on the goodness of our Lord. 

When the day comes to a close, it is a good reminder to look back over the day and give God the glory.  Hind sight is 20/20 they always say, and if I purpose myself to look and see I can always see the great things he has done in a day for me. Grace is the first thing I often think of — how my Lord lavishes me with His grace (!), covering me with His love and forgiveness and patience and generosity.  No matter what befalls me in a day I am always comforted in remembering that God gave me His Son.  He made a way for me to enter into His presence in prayer and promised the way to enter heaven; Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).  With Jesus in my heart, I am able to follow the way, know the truth, and have life – life everlasting.  I  have access to the Father for my every need.
A good day, or a bad day, does not thwart God’s promises to me. In this, I can praise the Lord and again rejoice.  I can be happy in the the things God has given to me as my lot that day with a quiet understanding that it is covered in pardon and given to me in love.

My aunt Phyllis is a very wise woman and I am so blessed by her in my life.  She is so right-on to bookend the day with God.  I challenge you to join me in doing likewise: enter the day with gladness & rejoicing and end the day being thankful, giving God the glory and praising His Holy Name!

2 thoughts on “Bookend the day with God

  1. OH…I LOVE this reminder! His promises are enough…no matter what the heck is going on. Sometimes it is more work to remain in His promises (in our hearts and minds) than others, but HIS promises NEVER change. We are here for but a moment! How we see through a glass darkly! Thank you!

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