Certain to grab either a flip, or a flop

Her hair is golden and shimmers in the sunlight.  Her big round eyes look at me with intent.  The chase is on!  She ready’s herself as I approach with as much cunning as I can muster, but she knows the game.  We’ve done this before.  I try to act as if everything is alright and there is not a care in the world as I nonchalantly try to walk by her.  Then, as I reach out and try to grab it out of her mouth she darts off in the nick of time.

Ginger, our golden retriever pup beat me again.  I am no match for her speed and agility!  Another flip-flop falls prey to her mischievous nature.  I think flip-flops are her second favorite food next to peanut butter.  As soon as she sees a pair left unattended, she is certain to grab either a flip, or a flop, and run and hide and chew.  It is truly amazing how fast she can tear the foam to pieces.  I believe she has destroyed at least five pair this summer and she knows she’s a bad dog.  But she can’t help it.

Just the other day, I caught her before she got to the door to make her escape.

I said,

She turned her head slowly to look at me with so-sad-eyes.  She hesitated.  I thought I was gonna win this time!  But then, she slowly walked to the door keeping her eyes locked on mine.  As soon as I took one step closer to her, she bolted.  She so knew that she was doing wrong, but she could not help herself.  She was compelled.

I stood in the doorway watching her romp and chew, and I thought.  That’s me.  I am just like a dog sometimes when it comes to doing things I want to do….but that I ought not to do…but do them anyway.  Romans 7:15 tells of this very dilemma,  “I do not understand what I do.  For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, I do.”

When I do not do what the LORD wants me to do, I am in sin.  Though I desire to always do what the LORD wants, I sometimes fail in the worst way – the knowing I’m doing wrong way.  Like my dog, I look back at God and contemplate, but then I give in and am compelled to do otherwise; and then I hate it and exclaim in my heart, ARG!…UG!…What’d I do that for! 

In my own strength I am not able to win the battle. I struggle. I am just as weak as anyone else. Thankfully God knew that I needed a Way given to rescue me.  He gave me…. He gave us, The Way through Jesus Christ.

Romans 8:1 lays it out, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.”

I stood in the doorway thinking to myself, I may act like a dog from time to time, but I am no dog.  I am an image bearer of God and I have been blessed with the Holy Spirit which has set me free because I’ve got Jesus in my heart.  He conquered sin and therefore I can too. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, yet I can call out and claim the power of the Holy Spirit to lead me in the right and better way, doing what I ought.

I am set free.  Unlike my Ginger, “free” in the fenced yard with her pile of foam rubble.  I am free to have a mind set on the Spirit and I gain life and a whole big pile of peace.  Will you join me?


5 thoughts on “Certain to grab either a flip, or a flop

  1. I so know this doggy-game! But there’s been a positive result for our family: everyone is learning to put away their shoes and socks and toys now because they know that the puppy will eat them if they don’t! Thank you for sharing your book and your website with me at camp. Cheryl

    • You are welcome! I so much enjoyed camp and meeting you and your family.
      I wish I could say the same — my kids are still not great about putting their shoes away in the mud room — but it is a bit better – LOL

      Cheryl — I do want to hear – or see, the lyrics to your song that you never got to sing at the talent night….

      Keep in touch –and I hope you will share my book and website with others — it’s the only reason I wrote — and continue with the website — to encourage others & share the HOPE !

  2. Oh my gosh, Sheryl. Did you write this one for me? : ) I am so much like you said, doing what I know i shouldn’t, and unable to commit sometimes to what I want to do so badly. I’ve finally gotten easier on myself and accepted I’m a human being acting like a human being (and sometimes like a dog … lol). I’d love to join you in following God. Love this post!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed — as a fellow writer, you know it’s such a blessing that someone was able to “relate” to your writing and thoughts. Please pass my website on to others…and help me share HOPE and my desire to encourage others along the way in this life.

      I have taken about a month off — vacations and enjoying summer…but I plan to begin again and write more regularly.

      Check out my book and pass that along too if you are willing — it’s a short book — a two hour read…and I believe it speaks not only to those who have been around cancer in some way –but to all who have endured any hard trial.

      Thanks for reading!

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