Whosoever prays like a cricket chirps…..

I met the early morning with perfect contentment. The cool moist air tickled my skin as I sped down the bike trail.  Letting my mind clear of worries and home front concerns, I absorbed the nature around me.  Lush green leaves, still pond water dotted with lily pad flowers in bloom, and sunshine that tried so desperately to eat up the morning fog delighted my senses.  An occasional bullfrog sounded, but it was the cricket symphony that captured my thoughts.

I imagined the numbers of crickets it must take to create a sound so loud in the open air.

Singing in the shower is a wonderfully fun indulgence, isn’t it?  I mean, everyone’s voice sounds so much better in the shower – tone quality seems more refined; it is always a satisfying pleasure.  Yet, have you ever tried singing in the open?  I recall a time when I was singing in the yard as I hung out clothes and noted my voice seemed incredibly small.  It just didn’t resonate the same way as it did in the shower.  Could anyone hear me — even in the house fifty feet away…did anyone know I was singing my heart out?

So my thoughts went wild as I rode my bike through the concert hall of creation listening to the crickets.

Did you know that only the male crickets sing?  And they sing only to attract a mate and attain union.  As long as it takes, they chirp til they are paired up.  It is what they do.  As I pedaled away,  I was imagining the numbers of crickets it must take to create the sound that so delighted my ears.  They must be under every leaf, every stone, every nook and cranny of the wooded carpet that surrounded me.  A little creepy to think of the numbers perhaps reaching the thousands…all underfoot.

And yet, I thought, WOW …… imagine if we prayed like the male cricket chirps….

I imagined our heavenly Father contentedly listening to the orchestra of prayers that reach His ears as we lay our requests at His feet.  I imagined the Church at large creating a similar symphony for God’s ears.  All kinds of requests blended together to make a beautiful sound; the continual conversation sung sustains the melody and offers delight.

And I wondered, do I do my part in the orchestra?  Scripture tells us to “pray without ceasing: in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17 & 18).  Clearly stated, it is God’s will for us to pray without stopping.  With a chuckle I ran this line in my head, Whosoever prays like a cricket chirps, is in God’s will. 

I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me in this whimsical moment of contemplation.

Yes.  I need to pray like the cricket chirps – continually, with the purpose of both seeking and keeping union with God.  I need to pray in secret – in every nook and cranny of my walk in life.  We, as a Church, need to pray like the crickets and create the sweet melodic offering to our Father as we do His will.  So I challenge you today to pray like a cricket chirps and add your sound to the  symphony…. I imagine that our Father might be thoroughly delighted at His children embracing His will.

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