47 Things on Thursdays ———– I am not.

I defiantly kept my eyes closed as I slowly rolled over this morning.  Listening to the back door slam five or six times it was clear that my children had risen before me and were well on their way to doing the outdoor animal chores.  Desiring just five more minutes of quiet I slunk down deeper under the covers. Hiding?  Maybe.  I did not want to get up and face the demands and struggles of the day – whatever they might be.

In the quiet, I began to rehearse my woes and about number four, mid-woe, I decided to lift them up as a prayer to my God.  A long prayer ensued as one woeful concern seemed to trigger another.  What began as a few groaning needs for help turned into confessions and more requests.  A half hour later, I peeled back the down comforter and placed my feet on the floor with just one more thought and an audible sigh:

towdah paintings 100

I am not.

As I battled cancer, I was ever so impressed and awed by the number of people who prayed for me.  I envisioned the voices as lines directed up to God from three countries & seven states and I was overwhelmed with the size of that and thereby concluded that God is Humungous!

God’s Word tells us to, “pray without ceasing” (KJV) – “pray continually” (NIV) – “never stop praying” (NLT) 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  We are exhorted to give it up, speak our minds, and talk to Him without stopping!  I recall the many moments in my day when I am full to the brim with chatter from my children and I often exclaim, “Stop pestering me!” – “Can’t you be quiet for five minutes?” – “If you ask me one more time…I’m gonna explode(!)” – “Stop! I can’t hear three of you all at once!”  Like I said, I am not; I am not humungous.  I am small and limited and not at all as patient as my God.

I dressed and smoothed the comforter over my bed and imagined my prayer this morning being among several thousand others being said all at the same time. Again I concluded my God is Humungous!  He is an awesome Father who is bigger than my words can ever express or my mind could ever begin to picture. I caught myself singing a familiar children’s song – one I had taught my own children and many other children in Sunday School classes.

There is nothing my God cannot do! Paste and copy and check out the song.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q320dTesx1c

This may sound simplistic and maybe a bit childish to proclaim that my God is Humungous. Yet, I am a child; I am the daughter of this strong and mighty King.  As a created being, so are you. Like Paul, I urge you to pray without stopping.  My God can handle it.  He is “so big, there’s nothing my God cannot do.”  Gigantic woes, tiny woes, all your concerns…give ’em up and place them all at the feet of our King.  Not only are we told to pray, we are told, “this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessolonians 5:17).  Better yet, we are in God’s will to be talking to Him all the time!

Giving me a spring in my step, I descended the staircase humming and making-a-big-muscle with my bicep.  Yes sir!

towdah paintings 100 and there’s nothing He cannot do.  Perhaps now I can face the demands and struggles of the day.

I invite you to come back next Thursday and read about another of the 47 things I learned about God as I endured my battle with cancer: 2 down, 45 to go!

towdah paintings 013

6 thoughts on “47 Things on Thursdays ———– I am not.

    • YES – It’s the painting I did after I wrote the book — relating to the chapter on sticking to what I know…. : ) Thanks Tracy — I love to do all sorts of creative things : )

      • no — just a couple here and there around the house and several “in my head” — LOL — it is my goal to do more painting and such as I wean off the home education scene… 🙂 Thanks for asking …I am touched that you even asked the question.

      • I love colorful art, and collect (small collection, but you have to start somewhere, right?) pieces from people I know or have met or have some connection to in some way. So if you ever get ready to sell any, let me know what you’ve got available.

  1. I love what you wrote. Forgive me if I mention Janet often, but you remind me of her so much. She had that same creativity and zest for life that you do. She would have appreciated your writing your many means of expressing your heart. I’m excited to learn more about God through your journey.

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