47 Things on Thursday: The Steady in my Life.

The laughing clown face enticed me and the colorful fat words spelling F-U-N convinced me to enter in!  Little did I know it was a trick. A lure. My eight year old little mind was taxed and my agility tested as I navigated through the darkened hallways of trickery in the FUN HOUSE at Mountain Park.

The slanted hallways and crooked staircases, the distortion mirrors, and the pre-recorded laughing was all good and somewhat fun.  But all that ended when I stepped onto the moving floor boards that gave way and shifted every which-way. I was tossed to and fro, lurching and mis-stepping and practically falling because there was no sure footing to be found.  Fear overcame my young body and I gripped at the wall banisters til my knuckles were white.  There was just six feet of this terrible section of “FUN” yet it seemed as though I might not live through it.  What relief came when I  found myself on secure flooring again.  Daylight seeped in through the veiled fringes of curtain ahead and I was relieved to know that this ordeal was almost over.

This has been a picture of my life for the past two years.

Struggles, trials, and illness are the moving floor boards in my life.  They toss me to and fro.  One day I am up and full of energy. I go about life full steam ahead.  The next day I may be grumpy and discontent.  And the next may find me sad and in a slump wondering if I will ever be healthy again.  I am anything but steady.  And I desperately grope for the wall banister.

The wall banister is God.

The banister is strong and firm. It is un-moving, secured to the wall. Unlike the changing and shifting floor, the banister remains the same. It is my stronghold.

As I navigate my life and lurch and stumble in my struggles and trials, I find myself grasping onto Jesus just like I groped for the wall banister.   Hebrews 13:8 tells us: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”   He is unchanging.  He stays the same. Forever.  He is steady.  His love never fails me – it stays the same. He is my stronghold.

I also grasp onto God’s Word to keep balance. “The Word of the Lord endures forever” 1 Peter 1:25.  God’s Word is unchanging. God’s Word stays the same.  Forever. 

Webster’s dictionary defines steady as a state or condition of a system or process that does not change.  God is unchanging.  He is therefore steady.

towdah paintings 059

Another definition of steady is someone’s regular boyfriend or girlfriend.  Therefore, with poetic license I will say that He is also my steady.  I find God, my Lord Jesus, and His Word to be the steady in my life.  He is the banister that I grab onto when I find the floor beneath me shaking and He is the secure flooring I am able to step down onto when my six feet of “FUN” is over.  His love shines down upon me like daylight, filling me with relief.  With love He steadies me, upholds me, carries me, and assures me.  I am always amazed and always thankful that I can call God the STEADY in my life. 

Singing is my delight.  I share this song with you (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWT3Hd6WqE0)   – it  was often on my lips as I endured cancer and remains the song on my lips as I continue to struggle with residual effects of treatments. Life in general does its share of tossing us to and fro.  Steady. Amazing.  He is that for me and He can be that for you — just grab onto Him as you would a banister and don’t let go!  He will plant your feet on secure flooring always and will be your daylight filling you with relief.  God loves me and He loves you too.

Hallelujah – He makes me sing!

towdah paintings 057Join me again next Thursday — and I will share another thing I know about God.

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