Enter In.

Are you a thankful person?

I do not mean polite; I do not mean, do you have good manners and know etiquette.


So eager was he!  His eyes lit up and every muscle quivered with anticipated delight as he boisterously reached out for the fresh baked cookies.  In a motherly way,

the motherly way,

my hand intercepted his reach.

Gently but firmly I restrained his energy and said,

 “what do you say….”

Lacking proper blends, his response was typically, “pwees.” And the eyes looked earnest.

Rewarding him, I released my grip and the eager boy took that soft, sweet treat. Yet before he could take a bite, I again,

in the motherly way,

stopped short his plan to taste.  With mouth readied, his earnest look turned mournful.

“What do you say now?”

This time,  I waited in earnest.

“Tank-oo! ” was the reply

and the boy was allowed the bite and smiles reflected each other.


Giving Thanks.

Yep.  That’s how it’s done.  At least that is how we are trained.  Proper manners learned and there we have it.  Or do we….(?).

Am I a thankful person?

I mean, do I really give thanks for everything I have?  For all that has been afforded me? Provided? Lavished?

Truly I did not begin to learn thanksgiving until I truly began to consider who I am in comparison to who God is.

When I remember that God is BIG and I am small,

that God is strong and I am weak,

that God knows all and I know little,

that God is faithful and I am not.

That God loved me first…

It is then that I am overcome.  I see clearly.  And giving thanks flows out from me because I cannot do anything else, until it is offered.

A teacher reminded me with astute observation:

“We miss out on the presence of God each day because we do not enter in…”

This, referring to Psalm 100:4

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.”

Mindful of my place in this existence, I am learning thanksgiving.

Seeing, acknowledging, and speaking my thanks to God

causes me to quiver with praise in my heart!

I enter in.

Through thanksgiving we enter into the presence of God.

It is a holy act.

And we are allowed the privilege.

As the day of Thanksgiving feasting and celebrating approaches, may you consider the learning of giving thanks


enter in!

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