923 days later

A short story.

In a very dark place, suffering….a friend reached out and gave a book.

Inspired and encouraged, the list was begun.

923 days later,

the list reached number 855.  Eight hundred and fifty five Sparkles from God.



Looking over the list, this is what became clear.

Praising and thanking God ebbed and flowed — it ebbed when life got “busy” — and flowed when a quietness came, slowed down by choice…like vacations…or by force….like illness. Sometimes months passed by and the numbering was neglected.  Then, suddenly,a gush of thanksgiving and praise filled a page of 26 lines up in one days offering.


Why was here such fluctuation?

Simply, this is the conclusion:

As soon as eyes move off of Jesus, blindness sets in and giving thanks and praise ceased. As the eyes turned back upon Jesus, the seeing of Sparkles came clear; the gifts within the day – given by God.  Blessing upon blessing!


Counting; 855 named to this date.

The goal is to reach 1000 by the end of 2013.  One Thousand God Sparkles to acknowledge before one thousand days have passed by.

The message learned:

Keep my eyes on the LORD and He will open my eyes to see the Sparkles in a day and thereby receive the blessings He desires to give.

Encouraged?  I hope.

May you receive blessing upon blessing and never cease to see and count God’s gifts in a day, as you number them one by one.

Happy Thanksgiving to you friend!

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