Not Even a Nickel Needed

“Psychiatric Help 5 cents —— The Doctor is IN”

Remember this?

The Lemonade stand revamped and Lucy, smugly standing and waiting for Good O’le Charlie Brown to come and unload his downcast concerns.


Herein lies the stereotypical scene of the counselor.  The one who is ready and waiting to hear the troubles and woes of someone.  The one who is prepared to help and advise someone. The one who cares for the well-being and healing of someone….for a price.        A mere nickel or more.


Not even a nickel needed,

the Baby Jesus was born with all this counseling capacity.  

He would grow to be, and remains to be, the ultimate Counselor.  And yet…He is even more than this stereotypical Counselor that hears our troubles and woes and helps and advises and cares and heals.

“And he shall be called Wonderful Counselor…”  Isaiah 9:6b

He is the Wonderful Counselor.  

The One who over-arcs all as counselor that makes the plans,

determining and deciding,

and who is holding all things accountable to unfold according to His plans.

Like a seed.

For to us….Baby Jesus.


With the government upon His shoulders….He is the Wonderful Counselor.

Like a seed,

this little Baby Jesus we tenderly view in the manger, embodied all the fullness of potential – planning, determining, deciding, holding all things accountable to Himself.



As did his mother Mary.  We too need to ponder this Wonderful Counselor.

Not even a nickel needed.

How awesome is it to be the recipient of such an all encompassing fullness within the gift of the Baby Jesus?


Next up:  Jesus wrapped in armor….stay tuned.

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