No Deadbeat Dad Here!

A  “deadbeat dad” is:
A father who does not provide for a family that he was part of creating. (
Countless headlines tell tales of deadbeat dads.  Courts tire of postponing, in search of deadbeat dads.  Wives despair over deadbeat dads.
And the children cry.
Tears trickle warm.  Eyes are welled up.  Throats tighten as they fight to hold back.
From crying, to crying.
In silence that cuts them down…
The children, young and old,
Broken and in need of fixing, this world was…..
Answering the need, Isaiah 9:6b proclaims:  ” And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
Broken and in need of fixing, this world remains still….
Everlasting, meaning: lasting forever or for a very long time, describes the kind of Father this “child born” (Isaiah 9:6a) would be called.
This is the Father who endures for all time; He never goes away.  This is the kind of Father that has endless compassion on the ones He created; those He brought into the world by breathing life into them.  
There is no deadbeat dad here!
For these, He provides everything His children need –
they want for nothing in the arms of the Everlasting Father.  
For these, He guards and protects –
they are safe in the arms of the Everlasting Father.
The one called Everlasting Father
brings healing to the broken – the ones in need of fixing in the heart.
And the children smile and laugh and are filled with JOY.
BUT…there is more!
This is not just for today in this present world.  No, my friend. This Everlasting Father relationship continues – thus, the “everlasting” adjective.
Into eternal life, the everlasting father/ child relationship IS forever,
and IS always,
and IS without end.
All of this, once again, was prophesied to be true (Isaiah 9:6).
True for the taking,
the claiming,
the holding onto.
Are you broken?  Are you in need of some fixing in the heart?
Take.  Claim.  And hold onto Jesus.
This Jesus, called the Everlasting Father, is for you.
 “I Have It…Do You?” ….next post up!

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