“I’m Outta Here!”

“I’m Outta Here!” she screamed,

uh…errr…I mean, she emphatically stated with a controlled but loud voice.

Dreams of buying a wee little house far,far away, tickled and fueled her imagination. Feeling under appreciated, worn down, used up, and surrounded by all who seemingly just take, take, take. Over burdened, over stressed, and no where to go.

And don’t any one ask, “What’s for dinner!”

She.  That’s me.

Can anyone relate?

It was cold and a fresh dusting of snow littered the ground. I walked at a pace that rendered me out of breath.  Down the hill.  Up the hill. Trudging into the woods to sit upon a deserted stone wall.  Not too far.  I could still see the road. Camouflaged.


Stillness. Quietness. My own sighing pierced the air. The rhythm of my breath restored to normal and I gazed numbly.

What to do.


I left.  I really did. Albeit just four hundred yards from the house.  I left. I did the “outta here” move.  Enough was enough.

What to do…..

Luke 5:16 came to mind: “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

So….deciding to divert my numb gazing, I closed my eyes and listened to the woods; the rustle of a critter under the leaves, the creaking of two thin branches rubbing together in the breeze.  027

Then, I prayed.

I prayed forgiveness for my harshness.

I prayed forgiveness for my selfishness.

I prayed forgiveness for my unwillingness.

I prayed for help.

I prayed for strength.

I prayed for a right attitude.

Opening my eyes and lifting my head, I was ready and I began my walk out of hiding and into the open space leading home.


No emphatic words went before me.

In quietness I entered the house again.

Jesus often withdrew.  Often is the key word.  Perhaps, that needs to be my key word. Often.

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places.  Lonely is a necessary good place; free of demands and distractions.   Perhaps that needs to be my necessary good place too.

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.  Yeah. That part about “and prayed.”  I so need to do that more OFTEN and in the LONELY.

If Jesus needed to do that…  How much more I surely need to do that.  

What about you?

Praising God for the HOPE that is restored in prayer!


Okay, I admit it.

A wee little house far, far away still tickles my imagination…..(!)

4 thoughts on ““I’m Outta Here!”

    • Grace huh? I appreciate your continued support and friendship through the social media Melissa — and I know you know real! We’re in this together – sister to sister!

    • Thanks Phee – I am finding that being real before God is the only way to be…when we pretend in front of each other, we set a wrong tone in our Christian walk, yes?

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