My Bucket List: Dance Naked

People have lots of interesting and unexpected things on their bucket list.

My Bucket List: dance naked.

Now, before you go getting the wrong idea about me, let me assure you I mean this in the purest sense. Nakedness is alluring. It calls with primal intrigue. There is nothing like nakedness.

Nakedness calls from deep and long ago. Rightly made, it was the suit intended for us; each one of us fits our naked perfectly. The beginning and at our beginning

Remember the giggles?  We twisted and squirmed from our mothers grip. We escaped naked, running across the green grassy yard squealing?  Maybe we were sixteen months or so…. remember the delight?

Of course not.  Our minds do not recollect, yet our body memory does.  It is the burst of innocence striving to be free; the joy of being as we were intended.

No bondage. No concerns that weigh us down.  No shame. No hesitation to express.

Yes.  I long to know it.

 So far, the only thing on my bucket list is to dance naked. But I am not talking about the physical naked.

Like I said, I am talking about naked in the purest sense.

Spiritual nakedness is my desire.

Keeping it real. Raw. Authentic before my God.


David, the one called a friend of God.  The David who killed Goliath and then much later became a King.  That David kept it real.  He Stood. Fought. Hid. Wrestled. Whined. Shouted. Cried. Fell. Served. Sinned. Sang. Pleaded. Praised.

And Worshiped God….

as if naked….he danced before the Lord.

He was naked of pride. Naked of self.  Naked of distraction.   But clothed in humble.

Stripped and uninhibited before God, he danced in worship, offering himself completely to the LORD in praise.  “David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might.” (2 Samuel 6:14)

Yes. This is my bucket list.

To keep it real before God.

To be naked of pride. Naked of myself.  Naked of distraction.  But clothed in humble.


Forgiveness, cleansing, and filling precedes the naked place:

Forgiveness of our sin;

cleansing of our hearts;

and filling with the Holy Spirit.

Pick a Psalm, any Psalm, Psalm 51 seems clear….I love the Psalms!

Loving the LORD with all my might, I too hope to be caught dancing, as if naked before my LORD….

One day, I HOPE to cross it off my bucket list.

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