The ONE-TWO-THREE Punch(!) : Hit ONE

Summer is beckoning.

The humidity hangs and slows the speed, of most everything…

Blossoms are peeking and bursting…

Sun shines down strong, except when it doesn’t…

and the project list grows and grows even as the lure of the hammock reminds me to take time.

Yes, summer is beckoning me — is it beckoning you?

032I find that there is less time to sit on the computer and browse.

Less time to write and share thoughts.

Already weeks have passed since I sat and spent time  in front of the screen; and I imagine, and am hopeful, that you too are feeling the same way. There is just too much else to do that is far more rewarding and edifying when summer beckons – so I am taking a break from the blog and am leaving you with three thoughts; I have been meditating on 1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18 and am claiming them as my verses this summer.

Like a boxer’s combination hit – the “one, two, three” proves powerful…so stay tuned to the next couple days as I share my “one,two, three” scripture punch for the summer months.

Hit ONE: “Be joyful always;” Thessalonians 5:16

Simple. Right?

Not so much so when you actually try to do it — YET– it is imperative in the scheme of going about these days…these trying days that challenge. Day to day – hour to hour – sometimes, moment to moment. Practically, does it mean to be all smiley no matter what?  Does it mean to paste that grin on even if the teeth are gritting?

I think not.

JOY is different than smiley with the pasted grin.

JOY is deeper and wider and is an outward symptom of a soul that is satisfied.

Knowing that God gave his only Son.

Knowing Jesus died for me.

Knowing I am assured a palatial home in heaven.

These knowings are the foundation for the JOY that comes from the deep and the wide places. Put in perspective against everything else, I come up with un-containable JOY every time!

Be. Joyful. Always.


Always is such a huge word; a word that does not seem to have parameters.

It’s THAT kind of JOY that we are to own and exude!


So take this hit!  Be Joyful always.   Even when we are tired. Even when we are disappointed. Even when the supper burns and the child is crabby and payday is coming around too slowly… Easy to be joyful when the sun is shining and all is going well… not so much so when life rears up the ugly side.  And, even when the unknowns of physical distress lurk… as it is again in my case…I must take the hit and listen to Paul:

Be joyful always.

Jesus already did it all for me – so I CAN be Joyful always.

Join me friends!

Take the hit: Be. Joyful. Always.

Stay tuned for Hit TWO next….


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