The ONE-TWO-THREE Punch(!) : Hit TWO

Boxing is not at all one of my favorite sports; all that aggressive angry energy is stressful to me.

I say what’s the point.

However…. In my short viewing of it I notice the basic combinations of hits:

One punch: the fast  hit using one fist – Bam! – with the right gloved hand.

The one-two punch – usually the quick right-left combo – Bam! Bam!

And then there’s the one-two-three punch that seems to throw the opponent off kilter as the blows fire, right – left- right! Bam! Bam! Whammo!

So Today I will share the Bam! Bam! — the Hit number Two.

yololiza 003

Summer is still beckoning me – so this will be short.

Following the command to “Be Joyful always” (1 Thess. 5:16) comes the equally weighty command:

“pray continually;” (1Thess. 5:17)

Again, simple.  But not.

My young grandson says, “I tant pray…”

It’s not to say he doesn’t want to.  He desires to pray, but lacks the confidence to pray. So he waits with his little head bowed and his hands folded while his meal remains untouched and he waits for Papa to pray.

It’s like that for all of us sometimes.  We lack confidence.  And when we lack confidence, we give up.  And when we give up, we forget to pray – our desire wanes.

It is my urging to you today to enter the closet of prayer with confidence.

Your father knows you and loves you and wants to hear your voice call to Him.  So pray out loud.

Pray in your head.

Whisper it.

Shout it.

Sing it.

However you can…the LORD wants to hear it.

When?  When did Paul say to pray?


That means like…now…and later…and always.

Does that seem unattainable?

Well, if you think: sit down and fold your hands by the side of your bed…then yes. It is unattainable. Who can do that continually…. there is still life to be doing…

But, I believe that Paul was not thinking for us to constantly do that sit down and fold your hands kind of prayer 24/7.


we are to have an attitude of prayer so that we can pray continually.  At any moment we are ready to put our thoughts into prayer.  It may begin at the side of my bed in the morning….

But then prayer follows me to the kitchen as I cook breakfast and I pray silently in my heart  for my child.

It follows me into the car when I am driving by the accident or the homeless man and I can pray out loud for the unknown soul that catches my eye.

It follows me into every moment of my day and I may shout a prayer of frustration and ask for help.

I may weep a prayer of sorrow with a friend who calls in mourning.

I may take a few extra seconds to pray for my own attitude that is considering the ungodly path….


“Pray continually” cuz God wants to hear you.  He is your Father and He loves you.

And that is the quick hit number TWO.

Bam! Bam!

Be Joyful! PRAY!

Come ready for the Bam! Bam! Whammo! next…..

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