3 Secret Directives to Seeing the Unseen God


If I said, “Stop. Look. And  listen.”  What is your first thought?

You might recall that these are the three simple directives when teaching a child how to cross the street.


Pay attention and be present in the moment. Wait.

The child ceases to walk, stumbles just slightly with emphasis so as to impress the action of stopping.  Tips of the sneaker are just in line with the edge of the sidewalk curb. He has stopped.


Open your eyes and keep on task. Focus.

The teaching tells the child to look to the right. Look to the left and then back again quick to the right. The telling says, “Do you see anything?”  The child’s eyes are usually widened as he looks to see and he is focused.


Ready and tune your ears to hear the distant sound. Block out distraction.

The child’s head is now craned in case the angle of the head can catch the sound any better.  Straining, he checks for the rumble of an engine and the only way he can do this is to block out all other sounds around him.

Stop. Look. And listen.  When all done successfully, the crossing is safe.


This summer,

it occurred to me…

that these are also the 3 secret directives to see the unseen God.  

Today. And everyday.

Stop. Look. And listen.

1. If you want to see the unseen God, you need to stop.  Like the child, the walking has to cease. The busy and the haste has to subside. Halt! For just a moment and wait.

2. If you want to see the unseen God, you need to open your eyes and with purpose, LOOK.  The glazed sight of auto-pilot living cannot continue. Snap out of it and look to see; focus!

3. If you want to see the unseen God, you need to listen.  The Holy Spirit brings to mind reminders and messages and memory.  The blend is a beautiful speaking.  But, in order to hear, the din of your surroundings needs blocking; distractions of the urgently mundane need to be put on the back burner in order to hear this story.

It’s easy to remember.

Just 3 secret directives.

Stop. Look. And listen.

When all is done successfully, the unseen God is visible.

I am not talking flesh.  I am not talking man-like features standing before me. Scripture is clear that no one can see God and live; “You cannot see My face, for no man can see Me and live!” Ex. 33:20

I am talking about the multifaceted essence and character of God telling me the story that gives me daily hope.  Come back tomorrow to read:

Two Females Caught Drinking !


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