Two Females Caught Drinking!

The grass was full with dew

which completely soaked through my mesh shoe and made my feet squishy wet.

I hate when that happens! 

Early morning warmth promised a scorcher of a day.

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We had four ducks until the handsome red fox visited while we were away. Now we have three.


The hose was heavy and lugging it across the yard was never my favorite thing to do. Grumbles flowed out under my breath.  I yanked. I trudged. And then I stopped.

My finger pulled the trigger and the spray flowed with full force out from the nozzle of the hose and through the chicken wire, arching towards the kiddy-pool. Mesmerized by the gushing sound I looked upon the three ducks.  The male hung back while the two females stepped boldly forward.


This has nothing to do with males or females.

But, this has everything to do with two females caught drinking!


You see….these two female ducks stepped out boldly into the line of water spray, face on!  Guzzling, with mouths held open, their heads bobbed just slightly as their beaks caught the water with rhythmic certainty.

Have you ever witnessed this?

For me, it was a new sight to behold.  And the Holy Spirit began to tell the story. This is where I began to listen.

He said, “This is how you should be Sheryl.  Step out and face the water head on and guzzle it.”

No. I did not turn the hose on myself…

I listened to the beautiful story and received the reminder to turn and face Jesus; the One who fills us and satisfies us with living water.  Water that refreshes, restores, and refuels us to be used by Him.  Daily filling of the Holy Spirit, the living water, keeps us and enables us.

This was a moment of seeing the unseen God in the everyday things around me. Ducks and a garden hose made the graciousness of God visible.  God, as provider of my deepest need was visible to me.

Likewise, I encourage you to do like the two female ducks did and get caught drinking!  Drink the everlasting water and you will thirst no more.

“whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:14

3 thoughts on “Two Females Caught Drinking!

  1. God is involved in everything. Yesterday I walked into Big Y grocery store for a few items. I passed the carts outside because I only wanted a basket but once inside there were no baskets. Irritated, I said to my daughter, “now I have to go back outside.” But she saw an abandoned cart and said, “Mom, use that cart, your prayers are answered. ” I realized that no, He didn’t answer my prayer because I hadn’t prayed. I hadn’t even thought of Him. But nevertheless, He provided.
    This may sound like a silly thing to some but I was humbled by my Lord who is always watching and ready to take care of me. Why should I ever fear He won’t be there for the big things?

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