10 deaths Nearly caused by Generations of Mice

The evidence was there.  Although the Fire Marshall was not on scene, there was no mistaking the disaster that could have ensued if this damage was not found as soon as it was.

Truly, 10 deaths could nearly have been caused by generations of mice!

Timing is everything.

As my husband and a friend tore away the old sheet rock and insulation to locate the wires of a current light that was to be moved, the evidence was glaringly clear.

“Whooooaaaa!” was the bellowing exclamation from both men.

Exposed black wire. Hot wire. Perfect set-up for a fire waiting to happen.

Tiny elongated, capsule-like poop littered in the insulation was all the evidence needed to fully determine who the destructive enemy was: Mice. Generations of mice more than likely. They had eaten the protective coating on the wire in several places and inadvertently exposed the naked wires to insulation and wood.

As I watched the men dismantle the old light and wiring, shaking their heads and muttering, “Man-oh-man…” I heard another story being spun for me and God, as wise and all knowing time keeper, was visible to me. 

“This is how it often is: God exposes dangers and sins, just in time, before devastating results ensue.”

God, as Protector, was visible to me, as the old wires were thrown aside.

“Nothing can be concealed forever.  Eventually all that is wrong, all that is dangerous, all that is sin will be discovered and brought into the light. And all can be made right and new again, through Him.”

So, my family of 10 was spared that day.

Tossing the mice-eaten wires into the dumpster, I thanked God.

He is my wise time Keeper. He is my Protector. He can make all things right.

I put my trust in Him.  Will you?

3 thoughts on “10 deaths Nearly caused by Generations of Mice

  1. Once again I want to thank you for your post. If I didn’t have my trust in God right now, I don’t know what I would do! Your writing is very important to me and I appreciate you…JO

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