One Weary Child Held

The LORD allowed me this:

A quiet day.

Not a single one to be in my way.

So I slunk back into the warmth of my blankets and slept for a while longer. One cat at the nook of my knees, the other alongside my back and the dog by my side on the floor.  Comfort hovered.

Hot water flowed and the steam engulfed as I reveled in the uninterrupted shower.

A breakfast eaten in solitude.

And a time to study the Word in the morning sunlight as a gentle fall breeze drifted by…274

Yes, I chose to stop today.  I chose to be still.  It was a hard choice because many things called after me in my mind, chasing me and taunting me to go. Do. Get busy.

The Word filled me and I was left with this conversation today.

Just me and the LORD.

Me: “Oh dear…what do you see when you see me LORD?”

Kinda scary. Right out there.

My mind reflected on my failures and my shortcomings; the traps I fall into repeatedly. Yet, I was soothed by recalling that Jesus stands between me and my Father God’s eyes as He looks upon me.

Despite my dark heart, Jesus clears the vision and I heard God responding to my conversation starter…

LORD: “I see my weary child with a desire to praise me and serve me.”

Like a single leaf in the cradle of my hands, I was held gently in the palm of His hands and Grace washed over me.

Hope stood firm in my presence.


hope can stand with you as well.

Simply. I just wanted to share my experience of the LORD’s compassion today.

Be encouraged my friend.  The days are long and difficult, yet the blessing of stopping for the reading of God’s Word and the initiation of conversation with Him is abundantly rich.




5 thoughts on “One Weary Child Held

  1. Yes, Sheryl, failures and my short comings, however, Grace and Hope Lord, GRACE AND HOPE!!!! Thank you Sheryl for those words of encouragement!

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