Do These 3 Things to be Freed

Trembling, I thought I just might pass out.  “Focus, and breathe…” I repeated to myself as I stared into space grasping at any small sense of control; My life is off-track, like a derailed train; How can I get back on track?

Anxiety. Worry. Fear.  

Do you know what I am talking about?

Paralyzed, yet frantically running inside.

In these moments, the quickest calming solution comes in the form of a hug.  When my husband wraps his arms around me and holds me, I am warmed and comforted. I am safe.  His heart beating next to mine, aligns mine with his,  generally slowing my breath to a manageable rhythm and I can relax. Anxiety, worry, and fear are arrested, the reckless train comes to a halt.

If my imperfect husband can arrest my anxiety, worry, and fear…

how much more can Jesus DRIVE IT OUT!

  He conquers it – past, present, and future

with His perfect Love.

Do you believed that you are loved by Jesus?  Are you willing to believe in His power and trust Him to take care of everything in  your life — fall into His arms and let Him hug you and carry you.  Get so close to Him that you can feel His heartbeat – His presence  – and be still; know, He is God and in control.  Align yourself with the living God, get your breath in sync with His. Only He has the power to lift up that train and set it right on the tracks again.

His Word says that if we believe on Him, love Him and obey Him, we are completed by His love and

it is in that perfect Love, anxiety, worry, and fear are driven out!

Friend, be encouraged! There IS hope; Hope that lies in the power of God’s love for us. In Christ, you can stand free of anxiety, worry, and fear; the train is on  the track and nothing will prevent the journey from it’s mission.

Do these 3 things to be freed: Believe. Love. Obey.


1 John 2:5 & 1 John 4:18

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