The Greatest Opportunity this Election Season


this election season is steeped in high opinion

and the choices leave many of us wondering if we should vote at all.

It is our privilege to vote and so we should not miss the chance to give voice to our preference…

but that is not the greatest opportunity this election season.

The greatest opportunity is in being still.

There is no need to get riled up and argue about the candidates.

There is no need to fret or fear about the future.

There is no need to point fingers or hide.

Instead, be like John: a voice in the wilderness preparing the Way.

The greatest opportunity within that stillness is speaking up about our God.

God is not troubled or worried because He knows the plan and all the days ahead.

Nothing can happen that He does not allow; that ‘s what Jesus told Pilate.

And whatever God allows, it is meant for the greater good.

What is that you may wonder?

That He may show His power and Compassion and shine His glory for us to see.

So I choose to be still and to speak up for my God; Trust Him – He holds the future in His hands.

Vote, because it is your privilege in this free country!

…in the stillness,

after speaking up about our God,

get on your knees with me and


Pray – for that too is our greatest opportunity; access the KING OF KINGS – the One above all authority on

earth and in heaven.

May God Bless our country!


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