Too Much Grace?

Rhetorically speaking,

Is there such a thing as too much grace?

That is what I want to know with much exasperation as I scramble to come up and out from under, being crushed by yet another disappointment in a relationship.

I mean, how many times do I offer grace?

I  feel used. I  feel baffled.  I  feel angry.

Have you ever felt that way?  You give and give and pardon and give….and wonder if it makes any difference.

With a heavy heart and tears welling up, I speed out of my driveway.

The colored leaves nearly gone, exposing the stark, dead-ness of winter coming seems an appropriate picture of this situation; dried up and bare.  Yet, like grace poured out, the limitless sky and  clouds, illuminated by the sun, offset the trees and creates a brilliant crisp image before me; perfectly beautiful. And that ‘s how grace is , isn’t it – perfectly beautiful.



My thoughts turn to Jesus as I praise Him for the beauty.  And the answer came forth:

No, there is no such thing as too much grace.

1 Timothy 1:14 tells of ABUNDANT grace poured out onto us – onto me, along with faith & love.

Dried up and bare, I ponder…

…how much grace was poured over me before I was a believer? How much grace is STILL being poured over me as I continually strive to walk this walk in Jesus’ Way?

Humbled by my own need for grace, all my angst disappeared. Truth fills me; no longer dried up and bare. Truth refuels and centers us, doesn’t it?

Jesus gives ABUNDANT amounts of grace.  In fact, “abundant” conveys it is even more than is needed.

I answer my own rhetorical question as the drive in my car comes to an end.

Nope!… there is never too much grace.

Thank the LORD for that, yes?   I am continually poured upon…therefore, in His image, I must keep pouring grace out upon others, with faith and with love. Won’t you join me in this venture to keep on pouring out grace abundantly?







4 thoughts on “Too Much Grace?

  1. a beautifully expressed truth; similar sermon helped us greatly in our marriage several years ago…giving grace to one another. Doesn’t mean you can’t express disappointment, have disagreements etc. But it does allow you to keep your heart open and let God lessen our need for control or our fears and doubts about the next day or the future of the relationship. Its often also hard to remember wounded people often wound or respond from their hurts, and that when we are hurt God’s grace is for us also, always. Closing a relationship permanently shouldn’t be an option and the prayer should always be toward reconciliation at least on some level given time and willingness to communicate and forgive. But easier said than done.

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