I Seem to Have an Elephant Sitting on My Chest


I seem to have an elephant sitting on my chest – or so that’s what it feels like in my brain when I try to think what to say or write these days.

It has been months since I posted on this blog.

Does it even matter, I ask myself.

What do I have to say that hasn’t already been said?

Truth is: N O T H I N G.

Honestly, I began this venture of blogging because I wrote a book.  Forty-nine years of living and raising children and fighting the good fight, and then, I stayed up late for three months and wrote a book, and it was published three months later.  Not the usual progression, yet this is the way God paved the way for me and so, I had this book and I needed a platform (i.e. a place to connect with readers) to sell my book. Thus this site was born. I wrote, I sold some books and now, five years later,  I stumble around in my melancholy mind for words, like the proverbial writer who stares at the blank paper on a typewriter.

And, I mostly give my books away as an offering of help, from one to another.

Is this what God intended when he paved the way for me to be published?

The thing is, I am a bit of a hypocrite. My brain knows and imparts right information and advice, yet sometimes, I do not even live my own words. I have even been known to tell myself, Sheryl, you should read your own book; read your own blog; listen to your own lecture; take your own advice!

The problem is, that I forget; we forget. We are a forgetful people.

The word LOVE / the message of LOVE appears in the Bible between 300 to 500 times, depending on which version you read. I think God  knows for certain that we are a forgetful people; and so, He brings up topics over and over in different ways so that the message is eventually and hopefully heard.

And so, I fail.

Don’t we all?

I have forgotten that I am me, created by my heavenly Father, and loved.

Maybe what I have to say isn’t new.

Maybe posting on my blog doesn’t really mater.


What matters is, that I share the Truth and Love of Jesus in whatever venue is available to me.

What venue has God has opened for you?

Join me in pushing that elephant off!

Stop staring at the proverbial blank page of life and opportunity before you and speak, share, and love others around you by proclaiming the Name of Jesus and His LOVE.

Dear reader, 

You are loved – today and always by a most loving and merciful Father.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” Jeremiah 31:3






Tuesday Tidbit: Once upon a bunch of lettuce….


Fully grown. Green. Ripe. Full of lively enzymes and ready for the eating.  It is cut.

Chopped off it’s root.


Cut down but….002NOT destroyed.  Placed in some water….it begins to grow….and grow….


4 days later…still growing……


about ten days later…..grown enough to be chopped down and eaten again.

I was amazed.  And yet, not totally surprised.  Mostly, I was lamenting over all the stumps of lettuce I had thrown out over the years(!).  What a cool picture of us…

We are often cut down, cut off, chopped…..yet, we are not destroyed either.  When we place our wounded, cut down self in the Living waters: the care of the Holy Spirit and the living WORD….we grow.  We are restored to life again….we grow and grow and grow…and eventually, we are ready for use again.  We are restored and able to be used by God; healthy and stronger.  Like the new baby leaves of the lettuce stump, we are sweeter, and tender, and made new.

Are you feeling like a cut down stump of lettuce – often readily thrown to the garbage heap?  Plunk yourself in the Living Word and drink-in it’s life…and don’t be surprised when you begin to grow.  It is God’s delight to grow you!

Psalm 1: 3; John 4:14