Give Hope: Weep and Laugh


Don’t try to change things.  Don’t try to ignore things.  Don’t make excuses for things.

Just be there. Fully and genuinely.

When a friend or loved one is suffering, they just simply need you to be there on their side, in their corner, with them in the present moment.


King Solomon clearly said,

“There is a time for everything….a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.” Ecclesiastes 3: 1a & 4

Being there is not always easy.

It takes effort to clear the schedule and make the time to be there.

It takes courage to join a suffer-er in their space and be open to the moment of just being there.

It takes love to sit in silence and hold a hand, to weep, to laugh, to mourn, and to dance in the being there.

BUT – please have confidence that you can do it.  

This is probably the one thing that meant the most to me as I was enduring my battle with cancer.


“David walked into the room and took me in his arms.  Without words, I drew close to him, leaned against his chest and hugged him. We swayed gently to the music….no words. Emotions gave way with an ever so gentle explosion of sighs and tears….I felt so loved, so uplifted, and strangely refreshed.  Through the reach of my husband, God comforted me….” p. 34 & 35 Towdah, A Cancer Survivor’s Song of Hope

A time to weep….

“Walking across  the parking lot on a short shopping outing, my girls chuckled along with me as my shoe flipped off flying ten feet in front of us!” p. 68 Towdah

A time to laugh…

Joining in and engaging with me was the most precious of all things that helped ease my pains, both physically and mentally.  In these moments, HOPE reigned because there was love in the being there with me, no matter what the moments held.


Suffering is all around us.  Many are afflicted.  I pray that  you will trust in God’s equipping you to find ways to ease the pain of a friend or loved one this Christmas season.

Be His hands and lips and feet.  

Carry the burdens,



do good and share,

and love by just being there in the moment.

Offer HOPE.


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Merry Christmas!

Give Hope: Be His Hands, Lips, and Feet

Enduring prolonged illness can be lonely.

Life, as it use to be, seems to halt for the one suffering while life for everyone else seems to just keep moving on.  During my many months of isolation from fellowship, I remember wondering…does anyone remember me?

God knew my wondering and he prompted the hands and lips and feet of many saints to write and call and visit.  THIS is another way to ease the pain of loneliness of a friend or loved one who is suffering prolonged illness or disease during the holidays.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,” Thessalonians 5:11

Hope prevails

Hope prevails

You see…

When someone is going through a difficult time and enduring hurt, pain, or suffering from circumstances, disease, or illness….hopelessness is not far from the thinking.  In hopelessness here is certain loneliness.

Friends, you can spur the suffer-er on!


These were blessings I received – perhaps  you are equipped to bless your friend or loved one similarly:

WRITINGS:   “I had nearly one hundred cards layered and hung, on six strands of ribbons…” p. 44 Towdah, A Cancer Survivor’s Song of Hope

CALLS:   “Jesus came in the form of two dear friends over the phone, caressing me with caring words.” p.100 Towdah

VISITS:   “Twenty or so of my friends lined up an down my stony front walk, displaying all varieties and designs of pipe cleaner antennae on their heads! A myriad of voices were singing, ‘ The ants go marching!’ p. 77 Towdah.

I was so encouraged and so built up in my time of weakness!

I am praying that  you will take the time to be God’s hands and lips and feet TODAY. 

Do you know anyone who is suffering during this season of HOPE?

Then by all means, encourage them!


Be the first to comment on my blog today and I will send you a free autographed copy of my book and  a letter of encouragement to your friend or loved one who is suffering this Christmas season.  Message me on FB with your address & details – just click on my name below:


Merry Christmas!

One Weary Child Held

The LORD allowed me this:

A quiet day.

Not a single one to be in my way.

So I slunk back into the warmth of my blankets and slept for a while longer. One cat at the nook of my knees, the other alongside my back and the dog by my side on the floor.  Comfort hovered.

Hot water flowed and the steam engulfed as I reveled in the uninterrupted shower.

A breakfast eaten in solitude.

And a time to study the Word in the morning sunlight as a gentle fall breeze drifted by…274

Yes, I chose to stop today.  I chose to be still.  It was a hard choice because many things called after me in my mind, chasing me and taunting me to go. Do. Get busy.

The Word filled me and I was left with this conversation today.

Just me and the LORD.

Me: “Oh dear…what do you see when you see me LORD?”

Kinda scary. Right out there.

My mind reflected on my failures and my shortcomings; the traps I fall into repeatedly. Yet, I was soothed by recalling that Jesus stands between me and my Father God’s eyes as He looks upon me.

Despite my dark heart, Jesus clears the vision and I heard God responding to my conversation starter…

LORD: “I see my weary child with a desire to praise me and serve me.”

Like a single leaf in the cradle of my hands, I was held gently in the palm of His hands and Grace washed over me.

Hope stood firm in my presence.


hope can stand with you as well.

Simply. I just wanted to share my experience of the LORD’s compassion today.

Be encouraged my friend.  The days are long and difficult, yet the blessing of stopping for the reading of God’s Word and the initiation of conversation with Him is abundantly rich.