He Saw Me in the Future!

Have you ever had the experience of someone coming up from behind you, clamping their hands over your eyes, without warning, exclaiming, “Guess who!”  For a moment you are confused, caught unaware, and then by scent or voice recognition, you take a guess.  Sometimes it is clear, other times it is a surprise – either way, the hands are lifted off your eyes and there is perfect revelation and joy as you recognize the playful spirit behind the mystery.

That’s how it was for me when I gave more thought to an all too familiar passage of scripture: Romans 5:8.  Jesus died for me, while I was a sinner.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.  How many times had I heard this read from the pulpit or proclaimed by a fellow church-goer on communion Sunday.  Like hands clamped over my eyes, I had guessed at the meaning nonchalantly.  I get it. I am a sinner and Christ died for me. Plain and simple on the surface, I thought I knew whose hands were covering my eyes.   Aaaaah! – but when the hands came off, I saw so much more –  recognition of truth in this all too familiar passage.

Do you see?


It’s in the word while…..

WHILE I was a sinner….HE SAW ME IN THE FUTURE!  He saw past me – the sinner – and chose to pour grace out on me and save me from the punishment of my sins….this is the revealed mystery.  Jesus sees us beyond our sinful state!  Before we were born, before we physically sinned, He saw us through it all and died for us; Grace poured out in faith and love, abundantly. 

In turn, we ought to do the same.

We need to see beyond people’s sin. No avoiding, no judging, but instead: pour grace abundantly.  The mystery paid forward: we need to see others as Jesus sees them – just as he sees us; God sees all of us as His children.

Friend, Jesus sees you in the future as well and He died for you too.

What an awesome verse! 

Quoting the words from a recent conversation with Bill Vanderbush, “Jesus is even better than we think.”





47 Things on Thursdays: A Brilliant Masterpiece

Flutterbys and Sinderwills.

These were two compound words that my six year old brain mixed up.  My utterances made my mother smile.  The kind of mother-smile that came across her face when she was “in-the-moment” totally enjoying her child. She knew what I meant. Butterflies and Windowsills, of course!

Compound words.  Two words, when put together, form a new thing or idea. Brilliant!

I experienced two Truths during my fight with cancer, that when put together, creates one brilliant masterpiece. 

Truth # 1: GOD…


GOD gave His Son for me.  Gave? Yes, He gave His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross – freely given… for me.

Truth # 2: He…


He (GOD) has a PLAN.  I write that in CAPS because it is properly HIS grand PLAN.  His PLAN is that all people will come to Him and receive His gift – His Son – whom He gave.

During my battle with cancer, I wrestled with the depth and meaning of these Truths.

“I am a sinner.  I am saved; I had accepted God’s free gift of salvation.  Wasn’t that enough?  Is it enough?  I had to decide” (p. 15 Towdah: A Cancer Survivor’s Song of Hope).

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).  Yes, He gave His Son for me!  I finally decided that Salvation was enough.  Whether I lived or whether I died during the battle of cancer, Salvation was enough because I had Jesus.  I had Salvation.  What more could God do for me?

Later, on p. 113 of Towdah: “I exclaimed with some disdain, Really Lord! This day was ordained for me?  This pain-filled day was appointed for me?  With exasperation and tears, I cried,Why?”     Believe it or not, even in my pain, I resolved  to offer thanksgiving: “Thank you for thinking of me and planning what is best for me” (p. 114).  In my thanksgiving, I was being changed and brought into a deeper understanding and acceptance of God’s PLAN of Salvation. 

God has a Plan for me.  He has a Plan for you. The execution is known only to Him.  Yet, we know that His PLANS for us are good.  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”  Jeremiah 29:11. 

The giving of His Son + the PLAN He has for each of us together creates the brilliant masterpiece called Salvation. These two Truths about God sustained me as I endured the battle of cancer.  

Have you secured these Truths for  yourself?

Flutterbys and Sinderwills made my mother smile.  I suppose then, that claiming Valsation just might make the Father smile. If I had know the word Salvation when I was six, I just may have called it “Valsation!”   Wrestle if you need to.  I guarantee though, that you will find Salvation IS enough and His PLAN is brilliant.  A brilliant masterpiece!


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