Tuesday Tidbit: Wee Hour Teaching

Tidbits.  Tid = a small thing, plus bit, a small piece.  A compound word made up of two similar words.  Tuesday Tidbit will be just that.  Small thoughts, not necessarily small in  depth, though not totally out of the question, will be offered up here on Tuesdays!


Last week on 47 Things on Thursdays I told you I would share with you what the Holy Spirit taught me in the wee hours…so here it is: Murmuring.  Grumbling.  Complaining.  They are all an affront to God.  And to add insult to injury, they breed discontentment – feed discontentment and steal all your joy.  God’s not happy. You’re not happy.  It’s a no win situation!  

NEXT TUESDAY I will offer up ways to cure this all too common habit.

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