In Shakespearean Fashion, I Ponder…

Were you like me?

I dreaded that first day back at school.  It seemed every year, every teacher would pass out the yellow lined paper and ask us to write the proverbial back to school essay, and say,

“Class, in one paragraph, tell me what you did on your summer vacation…”  

Suddenly, my mind would go blank. My palms got sweaty. The yellow paper seemingly grew eyes and it was an automatic stare down: Me verses the yellow lined paper!

Alas. Here it is again – that back-to-school season and instead, the white screen is staring me down as I mull over the reason for my writing.

To write or not to write.  To blog or not to blog.  

That is my question…and in Shakespearean fashion, I ponder….

I mean, who even reads what I write?  Does it matter? What drives me to do it?


I suppose it is all about connection.

Me to my thoughts. My thoughts to you. You to God.


In a way, this is a mission field for me; a place to share, encourage, and urge you to consider our LORD and deepen your relationship with Him.  Like the sunflower that always faces the sun; may we, writer an reader, spur one another on to always face the Son! If you are blessed, please share my writing (blog) with others, and make my joy complete; then you will be on the mission field too!

And so I will begin the writing…


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