Be THAT One!

Do you know this very short story paraphrased from Luke 17:11 – 14?

Ten sick men called out to be healed.

Jesus healed them.

Ten men went on their way….


One man came back praising God loudly,

threw himself at Jesus feet and began thanking Him.

One out of Nine.

Math is not my forte – yet even I know, one out of nine is not a good percentage.

I ask myself today…am I one of the nine or am I like the one?

Of course, I want to think I am like the one who came back; I want to be THAT one!  Yet, I know I often go through my days not thanking Jesus for even the very breath I breathe.  So as I ponder this Thanksgiving Day – the Federal holiday established in 1863 by President Lincoln – I fear I have come up short on my true list of thanksgivings to my LORD.

Authenticity that is full of heart….

it is what I desire in my offering of thanks to God today.  


The one came back praising God loudly. Why loudly?  I think because he was overflowing with gratitude that could not be contained.

Rabbi, You are Awesome!  

Praise you for being the ultimate healer! Praise you for being mercy itself!

Bursting forth the thank-you’s came!

Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!

It built up to a crescendo of music to the LORD’s ears.

Yes, I want to be THAT one!

The one came and threw himself at Jesus feet.  Can I even imagine?  It must have been in total bowing in honor to the power of Jesus; like from the old hymn – we at his feet may fall!

 All hail to Jesus the King, YOU are LORD of all!

Too dramatic?

When I consider who I am, next to who He is (?)…I think not. He is worthy! This is my prayer today:

Lord, forgive me for my feeble memory that fails to thank you for every moment of my life; every thing I have is from you and I am really thankful…help me in my weakness and cause me to be overflowing with authentic heartfelt appreciation for who you are and for all you do for me.  Remind me by the power of your Holy Spirit to turn back often and give you thanks – not only today, but every day you allow me life on earth.

May I be THAT one!

Praising your name, falling at your feet, and giving you deep heart thanksgiving.

Friend, Be THAT one with me…

and let’s increase the percentage of men who turn back to Jesus.

Thanksgiving Day is meant to be every day!

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